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循序渐进学英语:初中课文(七上 UNIT-1)“开云平台登录”

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谨以此系列文章,给还在上初中的“学生”一个温习的文本质料。七年级上封爵面Unit 1Anna's blogHello everyone. Welcome to my blog.About meMy name is Anna. I'm from Germany. I'm 11 years old. I'm tall and thin. I have long hair. I live with my family in a house close to some mountains. My mum is an Art teacher. My dad is a doctor. I have an elder sister and an elder brother.About my school and my hobbiesEvery day, I go to school by school bus. My favourite subjects are Maths, Art and Science. I like my school because the teachers are all very friendly. My dream is to be an engineer.I like many sports. I'm good at swimming and playing basketball. These are my favourite hobbies.I want to make friends with young people from all over the world! Email me, please!MORE PRACTICEDear Anna,Hi! I saw your blog on the Internet and I'd like to be your e-friend. My name is Jason. I'm 12 years old. I'm tall. I have short, black hair.I live in a flat in Beijing with my parents. My dad is an engineer and my mum is an English teacher.My school is far away from our home. I go to school by bus. My favourite subject is Maths.I like my school and I have lots of friends there. I like flying kites in my free time. My favourite sports are volleyball and football.I hope to hear from you soon.Best wishes,Jason衡水体誊录训练:。



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